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Prices DO NOT include shipping. Leave your zipcode for shipping info along with what your interested in for shipping cost in the comment section. I do ship internationally but prices are indeed higher and are based on an online quote. Also I will only ship once a week, Every Wednesday to avoid having to drive to the post office everyday and using up all of my gas. Sorry for the inconvience.Also for YOUR convience I offer both shipment insurance and delivery confirmation.Please note in either your comments thru Livejournal or thru email if you are interested in either one of these two features.

-Payment: Paypal, money order, cashiers check, trades or concealed cash ONLY at your own risk.

-Trades: I accept some trades, but I need the money more. (Trip to Japan)

-Feedback: Please leave feedback in the FB section of my LJ (mid page) once you have received your shipment. Thanks!

-Deadbeats: Beware!

ALL sales will be recorded in the above transactions section under an LJCut. ALL sales are final, So NO refunds, I might be able to work out a replacement or something.Email me if needed.

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My Wishlist!!

Please help me!

Naruto GC (japanese)
-Bleach DS (japanese)
-Naruto PS2 (japanese)
-Gazette posters/cds
-AnCafe posters/cds
-Clazziquai posters/cds
-Nana the Movie (DVD)
-Tomie Revenge
-Tomie Beginnning
-Jrock magazines
-Anything Gaara
-Anything Temari
-Anything Bleach
-Anything Naruto
-Temari Cosplay Fan
-Anything Yaoi
-Anime shirts

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So apparently photobucket hates me

So if your in need of seeing what your interested in before you comit to buying it just email me and I will send you a picture right away..
Sorry for the problem and thanks for shopping/looking


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After all transactions are complete please leave feedback of the sales transaction for future buyers/reference.
Also please keep in mind not EVERYBODY who buys/sells/trades with me leaves me feedback.Some are not as kind as others.I ask them to but I guess leaving somebody feedback isnt one of the easiest things to do.

Thank you and I hope to do business with you again!!

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